iPhone 15 Pro Max price and specifications

We are used to from Apple that it releases its phones every year in the month of September, and we are now close to issuing its latest phone, the Iphone 15, many users are eager and waiting for it, and all this after the recent leaks that spread with impressive and very high features and information in this new phone 

  • Specifications of the new iPhone 15
1- telephoto camera
The camera department in this phone has become small due to the addition of a camera for zoom, and by the way, this feature will be exclusive only to the Iphone 15 Pro Max
It will also contain a new sensor technology to take more photos in high light

2- Colors
Iphone 15 will come in dark red and white, and it will also come with black and gold

3- USB
Iphone 15 will come with a USM-C port that speeds up the phone charging process

4- phone dimensions
Iphone 15 comes with small bezels
The width of the edges surrounding the screen will not exceed 1.55 mm in the iPhone 15
The dimensions are small, the width is 70.46 mm and the length is 146.47 mm
The thickness of the phone is 8.24 mm
And if we compare these numbers with the iPhone 14, we will see that the iPhone 14 comes with a width of 71.45 mm, a length of 147.46 mm, and a thickness of 7.84 mm.

5- Iphone 15 Pro features

Apple A17 processor
Supports Wi-Fi 6E
Titanium frame
Smaller screen bezels
RAM with a larger capacity
120 Hz LTPO OLED screen
Camera 12-12-48 Mb
Battery 4500 mAh - 45 watts
Supports up to 5G network
Supports GPRS
Supports EDGE
It comes with a scratch-resistant ceramic glass protection layer, and a layer that is resistant to oils and fingerprints
Always On Display
Video 4K
Supports GPS
Supports NFC
It does not support FM radio
It does not support the 3.5 mm port

6- The price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max
Available at a global price of 1450 USD

7- Iphone 15 Pro Max price in some Arab countries
In Egypt, it comes at a price of 44,807.97 Egyptian pounds
In Saudi Arabia, it comes at a price of 5439.24 Saudi riyals
In the UAE, it comes at a price of 5325.89 AED
In Qatar, it comes at a price of 5279.45 Qatari riyals
In Kuwait, it comes at a price of 445.85 Kuwaiti dinars
In Algeria, it comes at a price of 196,923.05 Algerian dinars
In Morocco, it comes at a price of 14,223.23 Moroccan dirhams
In Tunisia, it comes at a price of 4448.60 Tunisian dinars